I used GMG TAX last year to prepare my taxes after I was referred by a close friend.  My preparer gave me a free consultation and increased my refund from $336 to $1,762.   This is the most money I’ve ever received as a college student.  I got my money in a week!  Thank you GMG TAX!   M. Anthony, college student, Atlanta, GA

I normally use an online tax software to prepare my taxes because I can prepare them free, however after being referred by my best friend, I decided to use GMG TAX to prepare my taxes.  I am sooo glad that I did!!!  GMG TAX got me back $1,672 more than I ever got for myself filing online and GMG TAX helped my mom go from owing taxes to getting a $765 return.  I am grateful that I chose to use GMG TAX.  - L.Williams, social worker, California 

Attention Tax Clients:  Tax clients preparing returns with GMG TAX, get with your professional GMG TAX preparer for your Client Document forms.  These forms will prepare you for your scheduled tax appointments.  If you do not have a professional tax preparer, email us at customerservice@gmgtax.com and our office staff will assist you. 

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